Kids Kampus is a Kindergarten readiness
program that prepares your child with the
essential skills they need for school.  It is a
Christian based preschool
designed to meet the needs of each unique child
and the way that they learn.

Each child develops at their own pace, which is
why our curriculum is appropriately
altered to meet the level of your child.

Kids Kampus provides high quality educational
instruction and curriculum.  

Students are provided specific assignments
through an assortment of activities that
concentrates on developing a solid foundation of
basic skills before conquering more abstract

Upon student evaluations, individual learning
plans are created to cater to each child's own
interests and skills.

This eclectic learning approach creates a learner
who loves to learn.  Students will experience
early success that will encourage them to aim
higher and learn even more.  
While discovering this joy in learning, students
will become lifelong learners, confident decision
makers, solid team players, and strong team

Children are blessed with an ability to absorb
knowledge from their surroundings, as well as an
unrelenting interest in manipulating materials.  
Let Kids Kampus prepare your child for
Kindergarten and for life.